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2556 sf + 440 sf garage


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Neon goes vertical at the Bevel House. With four floors of living space, a compact footprint provides a variety of living experiences.


The house opens to the street with a series of large, terraced steps and a spacious front porch. This gives transparency and security between the main living level and the neighborhood.


The main level is further defined by the integrated casework along the west wall. The kitchen cabinetry, open shelving, flush fireplace, and TV console are all integrated. This maintains the purity of the space and gives an open, connected feeling. The living room is further articulated by an exposed ceiling structure. The exposed beams create a visual texture that defines space within the open plan.


A series of three bars organizes the main level. (1) The circulation and service bar. (2) The open living bar. (3) The storage and entertainment bar. This organization produces a distinct entry sequence. A 4' 6" wide staircase greets you upon entry, giving an open and connected sense between levels.


The exterior form responds to the clients desire to create an elevated outdoor space. To provide the best views of the downtown skyline, the deck occupies the front corner of the house. The roofline responds to this condition, transforming from 2-stories at the back to 3-stories at the front.


The third floor fulfills the clients' desire for a flexible office space. This elevated space provides the inspiration for their entrepreneurial ideas and ventures.

In the Bevel, big views meet compact living in Fountain Square.

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