Many of us have grown to believe the notion that size equals success. We are constantly exposed to the popular perception that square footage is directly related to our levels of success and, presumably, level of happiness. The average American house is over 2,300 square feet, sits on a sprawling suburban lot, and is built with subpar materials with no consideration for its lifespan and impact on its surroundings.


We at NEON Architecture believe there’s a better way to design a home. Our homes acknowledge a growing desire to live more efficiently, make smarter, more responsible choices, and to be aware of our growing impact on our surroundings. We hope to work with you—each of our clients—to challenge the way we’ve been taught to live and introduce a newer, brighter way of living.





Brian is the owner and founder of NEON Architecture. With a B.S. and Master of Architecture from The Ohio State University, Brian discovered his passion for challenging existing notions within residential architecture. Brian is constantly pushing for new ideas and concepts in the housing world, and this is reflected in the work at NEON.




Sam enjoys long walks on the Monon and architecture. Having studied architecture at Ball State University, Sam’s work with NEON allows him to continue practicing what he is passionate about. Sam believes it is a designer's responsibility to create memorable experiences and spaces that influence one's behavior; NEON is the place where he can envision these spaces. He is a careful listener and appreciates the opportunity for hands-on experiences. Sam values craft and quality with the intention of enriching the architectural vision and experience.