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Year / 


Size / 

House - 1520 sf

Carriage - 720 sf


Role / 

Architecture & Construction​


Belle House is an infill project located in the Kennedy King neighborhood of Indianapolis. Belle House demonstrates the opportunity to add density to existing city parcels within the existing confines of the zoning code. The development consists of the main house fronting Bellefontaine and an accessory dwelling unit at the rear of the property, all while maintaining abundant outdoor space that is sure to flourish in the coming years.


The design takes its cue from the surrounding architecture of the neighborhood while introducing a fresh and modern profile. The asymmetrical gabled roof references the home's interior organization and the simple cantilevered volumes frame out front and back porches. Inside, the home and carriage house maintains a simple, warm, muted palette while maximizing their use of space, demonstrating how to add density to our infill lots while maintaining efficiency, space, and landscape.

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